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  • Attract More Interviews
    Is your current selection criteria keeping you back? With the help of our key selection criteria writers, you’ll appear polished and professional! Allowing you to choose from a range of opportunities instead of settling for second best.

  • Communicate Effectively
    Make sure you appear as great in writing as you do in an interview. With our professional writers helping to write your selection criteria, potential employers will be excited about what you have to offer and the prospect of meeting you in person.

  • Market Yourself
    Are you positioning yourself to attract the opportunities that you really want? With help writing selection criteria, we’ll help you market yourself in a way that attracts the job offers or salary increase that you want — and that suit your lifestyle.

  • Take the Stress Out

    Just because you’re qualified for the job doesn’t mean you should endure frustrating government applications! Allow us to help take the stress out of time-consuming and complicated public sector applications with help writing government selection criteria.

For candidates seeking a new position with an upcoming interview, your certified professional resume writer will create & develop a compelling cover letter & resume who will increase your working employment opportunities. Your will also be provided with Interview hiring tips to prepare you for the big day!

Public Sector Key Selection Criteria Writers

  • Improve Your Resume & Cover Letters Selection Skills
    Whether it is for a recruitment agency, public sector or Australian business to be successful and secure an interview for a job, job applications should meet questions by addressing essential requirements. When you select a criteria writer, relevant role based knowledge and skills are included to improve job applications

  • Interview Coaching & Training
    1 Day Resumes provide written and well-designed web documents proven to increase your interview skills to highly compete at a level with decision making executives. Apply now for your LinkedIn profile social media package.

  • Job Development Marketing, Not Just CV’s
    All media, including website design that involves you to share and follow the business community should provide good testimonials and proven examples of your skills and knowledge. Your LinkedIn profile and other profiles should be up-to-date and written with the local decision-makers in mind.

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